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We think it’s time for creatives and technologists to work together. MASVmedia gets her name from Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley. Your business needs brand management and the systems to make your business run. We work with you to see the big picture and create solutions that fit your business style.




We wear your team colors.


Whether you need your brand clarified or a project delivery, we operate with your mission in mind. We can even wear the team polo as a member of your team for the duration of the project or as a retainer consultant.



We {heart} transition.


We have a thing for people and companies in transition. On more than a few occasions, we have been called in to clean up the mess from the previous failed technology project. You know, the kind that leaves you over budget, frustrated, and trapped by the very technology that is supposed to help.


What makes us different?


We’ve operated from all chairs at the table. We know technologists and designers speak one language and executives speak another. With a combined 35+ years experience with non-profit ministries, we understand the unique opportunities that come from lean budgets and minimal staff.


What will it look like to work together?


We start with a phone call. If you live in the Orlando area, we’ll buy you a coffee and meet in person. We start with the belief that this is a relationship. We both need to be a fit for each other because let’s face it, most technology projects have a messy middle. Having well established trust and confidence will get all of us through the bumpy times.

Our services

Social Media Management

Social media management starting at $1000/month. Brand establishment starts at $5000.

Web & Software Development

Websites start at $3500. Hosting packages available. Large scale software projects starting at $75k.


Retainer packages starting at $5000.

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We love to hear from you! The best way is to email We do our best to respond within 48 business hours. Generally, we work Mon–Fri, 9am – 5pm Eastern.